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Vine Hugger, /vīnə – hə -gə r/: noun

1. Someone who is a wine lover, believes in eco-friendly wine production, and prefers drinking wine on tap.

Does a glass half-full mean it’s time for more wine? Have you ever found yourself saying “Rosé all day?” Do you believe everything happens for a Riesling? At the end of the night, do you think it’s time to call a Cabernet? If so, you’ll fit right in.

When You Join The Vine Hugger Club, You’ll Receive Exclusive Perks To Pair With Your Love Affair With Wine.


Let your love of wine help you select your membership type. Memberships are done on a monthly basis. Opt for 1 one-liter bottle a month for only $39, or receive 2 one-liter bottles for a $69 monthly membership that you can enjoy at Sixty Vines or at home. Once you join, you can download the Vine Hugger app to experience all the perks.

Click on your preferred subscription below to sign up!

Wine bottle icon $39 PER MONTH
Two wine bottles icon $69 PER MONTH
Single wine bottle icon


Once you complete your subscription application, you’ll receive a welcome gift of one free 1-liter bottle of Vine Hugger wine.*

Wine glass icon


While enjoying wine, you’ll earn points for every $1 you spend on wine on tap to redeem for food & wine purchases.

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 Make reservations anytime on your Vine Hugger app.

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Vine Hugger members are the first to find out about our exclusive wine & beer tapping events, winemaker dinners, and other special events.

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Store your payment information in the Vine Hugger app and easily pay with your phone each time you stop by for a glass.



All the cool kids are doing it.


*One-month membership minimum required. Welcome gift will be sent via email within 24 hours of subscription validation. Restrictions may apply. Free bottle offer valid for a limited time only and is subject to change.

Vine Huggers FAQ

Q: How do I join? A: You can sign up at our restaurant or by filling out your information here.
Q: How much does membership cost? A: $39/mo for 1 bottle, $69 for 2 bottles.
Q: How do I get my wine bottles each month? A: Check your email inbox on the 1st of each month for your redemption code. Then show the code to your server during your next visit to redeem. You can pick them up in the restaurant to enjoy there or at home.
Q: When will my card be charged? A: Your credit card will be charged on the 1st of each month after your subscription is activated. If you place your order on October 2, for instance, your first charge will be on November 1. Please note that all subscriptions have a 1-month minimum requirement.
Q: Can I share my membership with others? A: Your membership is for you alone.
Q: Can I change my subscription level through my account? A: Unfortunately, if you'd like to change your subscription level, you'll have to cancel your current membership and sign up for a new subscription.
Q: Does the membership expire? A: No. Once a Vine Hugger, always a Vine Hugger. But you can cancel your membership at any time.
Q: How can I update my account details or cancel my subscription? A: Just log in to your Vine Hugger account from the homepage to make changes to your account.
Q: How do I make reservations? A: To make reservations, open your Vine Hugger app and schedule the time that works best for you.
Q: How far in advance do I need to make my reservations? A: You can make your reservations anytime before you arrive. Please note reservations are subject to availability.
Q: How do I get rewards? A: Download the Vine Hugger app to start earning points.

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