There’s a better way to enjoy wine by the glass.

Wine on tap is an eco-friendly and wine lover-friendly way to serve and enjoy wine. From the ability to serve each glass at the perfect temperature, to the promise that the last glass will taste just as fresh as the first, wine on tap is redefining how wine is served.

No oxidation, no corkage, and no spoilage means no waste. Wine on tap eliminates the hassles that come with bottled wine. In a bottle, wine begins oxidizing the minute it’s opened. With wine on tap, the pressurized keg keeps it from spoiling. And it gets to your table faster because servers don’t need to waste time
pulling corks.

Each keg of wine is reused, eliminating waste and reducing the wine lover’s carbon footprint. Each steel keg saves 26 bottles from going in a landfill. That’s 2,340 lbs. of trash over its lifetime. Wine on tap makes it possible to enjoy glasses of the best premium wines without the waste.

The number of bottles we’ve saved from landfills

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Our own Vine Hugger label includes custom wines created by Bill Knuttel, a long time California winemaker who has concentrated on ultra-premium winemaking for the majority of his career. Bill has sourced single vineyard fruit to make beautiful, premium wines just for Sixty Vines. Bill brings his wealth of experience and adherence to traditional winemaking practices to create balanced, elegant wines that pair perfectly with our menu.


Vine Hugger Sauvignon Blanc

Woods Vineyard, Dry Creek Valley, CA

Aromas of pineapple, pear, white peaches and spicy herbs greet you from the glass. Smacks of grapefruit, tangerine and lemon zest. Crisp, fresh and oh so patio friendly.


Vine Hugger "Au Naturel" Chardonnay

Windsor Oaks Vineyard, Chalk Hill, CA

A bakery in a glass. Expect aromas of lemon, red apple, banana, and key lime pie with graham cracker crust. Layers of creme brûlée, caramel, and stone fruits chime in on the palate and juicy acidity brings balance to the wine.


Vine Hugger Pinot Noir

Square Peg, Russian River Valley, CA

Our Pinot Noir smells of ripe raspberry, pomegranate and ripe strawberry, with hints of toasty oak. It feels like satin on your palate and bursts with flavors of wild berries and baking spices.


Vine Hugger "50/50" Blend

Peterson Vineyard, Dry Creek Valley, CA

The great wines of Bordeaux inspired this blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. We’re talking classic Pomerol-like flavors and aromas of ripe plums, black cherries, tobacco, pencil lead and cassis.


Vine Hugger Cabernet Sauvignon

D. Rafanelli Vineyard, Dry Creek Valley, CA

It’s all here: blackberry, plum and ripe blueberry, hints of dry earth and bramble, vanilla, spice and toast from French oak barrels. This is our biggest, baddest Vine Hugger wine. You’re welcome.


Vine Hugger Zinfandel

Cartee Vineyard, Dry Creek Valley, CA

The once and future king of California wine! Rhubarb and cherry pie aromas abound with underlying floral notes and hints of cardamom. Bright berry, plum and licorice flavors explode on the palate.

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